1. WARRANTY is the period after the date of purchase whereby the appliance is covered by the agent for repairs, replacement of failed parts and technician labour. If the appliance is stored and not used for a period of time after purchase, the warranty period is still considered from the date of purchase.
For warranty claim purposes, the Manufacturer only recognizes the information provided on the original receipt.

2. WARRANTY PART is any part that is not cosmetic or and accessory that is used in the key functions of the appliance. This parts may fail or not operator efficiently during the warranty period and hence required replacement.

3. WARRANTY LABOUR is the cost to have the agent’s service technician or an approved subcontractor diagnosis, check or repair and appliance during the warranty period.

4. COSMETIC PARTS AND ACCESSORIES are not covered by warranty. These are bulbs, handles, knobs, plugs, burners, burner caps and gaskets.

5. RUSTING, CORROSION AND OXIDATION is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty. If there is evidence of rust within (1) one month of purchase, evidence in the form of pictures and video may be sent to the manufacture for special consideration. The manufacturer will determine whether the rust is factory related, customer environment, or as a result of user cleaning habits.
Claims within the one month time frame are dependent on the discretion of the manufacturer and does not fall within the agent’s responsibility.
Customers are advised to read their manuals carefully for Customer Care instructions for their appliances.

6. ELECTRICAL ISSUES are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty. There is a charge of $300.00 for visits which are related to the electrical concerns such as incorrect wiring, voltage issues, use of extension cords, generators etc. it is the sole responsibility of the customer to arrange for a certified electrician to assess and correct any electrical issue at the location.
Technicians are only to engage in the repairs of the appliance itself.
Units on extension cords and generators are a violation of the warranty policy. The customer risks the warranty being voided if evidence is found.

7. INSTALLATION RELATED FAILURES  are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty. There is a change of $300.00 for visits which are related to installation. This is the installation of appliances.

8. REMOVAL OF SHIPPING PACKAGING AND MARKETING MATERIAL. Customer should be reminded to remove all packages and bolts under and on the appliance. If this is found to be the cause of an appliance not working, the customer will be charged $300.00 for the visit.

9. R600 REFRIGERANT IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Any related repairs using this refrigerant must be done in a controlled, sale environment. Units requiring this gas can only be repaired at the Agent’s Service Center.

10. TRANSPORTATION FOR APPLIANCES to the service centre that falls outside of the first year of warranty, are the sole responsibility of the customer. Transportation by the Agent is available at a cost which is dependent on location, size of unit etc.
Transportation Cost is an unanticipated cost to the customer when purchasing an appliance.
Please note that “Limits to Service” do apply for the use of the agent’s transportation.

11. LIMITS TO SERVICE are due to heightened criminal activity that prevents the service centre from being able to provide home service in certain areas of the country.
For customers which may reside in these areas, it is recommended that the appliances be delivered to the service centre for assessments and repairs to be conducted.
This is also applicable for the appliances located offshore, on sea vessels, hill tops etc. All transportation arrangements and cost are the responsibility to the customer.

12. APPROVED WARRANTY EXCHANGES. If the customer received a replacement appliance in exchange for a failed or unrepaired appliance, as approved by the agent, the warranty on the second appliance continues on the original warranty given of the second or replacement unit.

13. DURATION TIME FRAME FOR TECHNICIAN TO VISIT. Five (5) to seven (7) working days. Now including weekend and public holidays.