Hisense 10/15 kg Washer Dryer Combo

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The PureJet washer-dryer is designed to cope with even the most demanding clothes, with its 15 kg capacity drum, it is ready to take care of the clothes of your whole family. It offers the washing and drying function, thanks to its Pure Steam and Allergy Steam technologies, guaranteeing that your clothes are impeccable, dry, without allergens and without wrinkles, immediately after finishing the wash cycle.


The washer-dryer’s inverter technology generates less heat when in operation and helps the environment. *Quiet and low vibration *Greater energy savings *Environmentally friendly

Steam Wash

Less ironing, deep cleaning, fresh clothes. Hisense’s steam wash technology releases gentle steam to remove odor from clothes. After the cycle, your clothes will be as clean and soft as new clothes.


Touch screen

Simple, comfortable handling. This Hisense washer dryer comes with an LED touch screen. You can easily select your favorite program from a wide range of options. It also features knobs, making it a hybrid system.


Quick wash

Practical and efficient. The Hisense washer-dryer’s quick wash programming is perfect for washing loads of approximately 1 kg with a 15-minute quick wash.